Minor technical errors bother me a lot. I don’t know why, maybe because I’m a perfectionist. It’s always funny to me when Trekkies get hung up on them.

“I’m okay with them going faster than the speed of light, I have no problem with them digitizing people and sending them through space, and I don’t mind that commanding officers who constantly disobey orders will stay in command of flagship vessels. But what I can’t understand is why they sometimes touch their communicator before talking and sometimes they don’t. Have we thrown reality out the window?”

Unfortunately, I’m like that with movies and everything I read. Misspelled words and misused homonymns distract me so much. I just want to whip out a red pen and start editing. I’m sure it irritates everyone I know, because if they try to show me something they’re working on all I see is the errors.

And now the loser singer/guitar player who likes Clapton too much has started playing at that restaurant. Arg!

Le sigh.