I’ve never understood how people can make friends with waitresses, or flight attendents, or people in professions like that. It’s not that I’m against those people, I really don’t understand how they do it. I can’t think of any place where the people even know my name. I’ve read that when meeting new people you should ask questions about them that will open new lines of dialogue, not a yes/no question, but I can never think of anything relevant. Online I can just bust into a channel and say, “The eels that live in my pants told me to hang out here.” A line like that not only breaks the ice, it gives people a topic to talk to you about. But something like that doesn’t work in real life. People just avoid you, just whisper and point. “Thats the guy who thinks eels live in his pants. I don’t know if they do, you go find out.” Maybe nobody befriends waitresses and flight attendents and coffee people. Maybe its just a hoax perpetrated by fiction. Maybe it is the last great myth of our age.